Former CGE fellows:

Mike BK

Michael Boylan-Kolchin (Irvine)
- galaxy formation & cosmology theory
- numerical simulations
- faculty at University of UT Austin
Mike C

Michael Cooper (Irvine)
- observational galaxy formation
- galaxy evolution from z~1
- faculty at UC Irvine

Aleks DS

Aleks Diamond-Stanic (San Diego)
- co-evolution of galaxies and SMBHs
- galaxy outflows
- Grainger Postdoctoral Fellow at Univ. of Wisconsin


Valentino Gonzalez (Riverside)
- galaxy evolution
- the high-z universe

- faculty at Universidad de Chile

Tucker Jones (Santa Barbara)
- galaxy formation at high redshift
- outflows

- Hubble Fellow at the IfA

Brandon Kelly

Brandon Kelly (Santa Barbara)
- observational astronomy, statistical methods
- active galactic nuclei, SMBHs
- Insight Data Science Fellow and Analyst at Goodyear

Evan Kirby

Evan Kirby (Irvine)
- chemical and dynamical evolution of dwarf galaxies
- origin of elements
- faculty at California Institute of Technology

Molly Peeples

Molly Peeples (Los Angeles)
- star formation feedback theory
- IGM, chemical evolution
- Astronomer at STScI